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Some input on keyboard wonít register properly, please help.  (Read 234 times)

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Im pretty new to the xim community. I watched some interesting tutorials and everything is working ok with the recommended settings.

The biggest problem I have is for example in the Modern Warfare Alpha. WASD and everything is working fine. But for example if I try to jump with space, it often does not register the input, also my Sprint is von V. I wonít register often too.

Also if Iím aiming with the Mouse while pressing the right Button and aim up and down XIM flashes super red, is this normal?

Im using it on my PS4 Pro, XIM APEX, G502 and G910.
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Red flashing means you're moving your hand too fast and exceeding the console game's turn speed. Move your hand slower, you'll turn faster.

Check your button presses with the XIM Manager app open and you should see when the button presses register. Console games again don't register as quickly as PC. But if you don't get keypresses registering at all or there's a significant delay, that sounds like a problem with the keyboard.

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