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[Q/A] XIM4 + Xbox One Controller + PC + Destiny 2  (Read 131 times)

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Hi, I really need help. I want to play through XIM4 on a PC in Destiny 2. First I connected as usual through Dualshock 4, the gamepad doesnít work. I decided to try it with Xbox Controller, it worked, BUT .. The left trigger in the game does not work, and worst of all, the aim down sight  (which should have happened on the left trigger) happens automatically by itself involuntarily. Any ideas what is going on? Iíve been sitting for 3 hours, I canít understand whatís going on.

I noticed that problems with automatic aiming start when I start moving the mouse (the right stick is emulating), maybe this will somehow help solve the problem ..
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Re: XIM4 + Xbox One Controller + PC + Destiny 2
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This could be caused by a few different things but it could also be just that you're using XIM on a PC. If it's not this then we can start by checking for other button assignments for your ADS key on each page of your config's primary and secondary buttons. Next, connect the controller and keyboard to XIM4, leave the mouse disconnected then connect XIM4 to the PC. Check if the issue occurs using the controller only. If it doesn't happen with the controller+XIM only then I recommend testing another mouse next.
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