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Apex Legends Laser Setup  (Read 864 times)

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Apex Legends Laser Setup
« on: 09:43 PM - 08/14/19 »
Amidst the flurry of Apex configs that are popping up, I thought id try my hand at assisting those who may still be having trouble. My config utilizes the G502 (older model 12k max dpi). This setup may seem absurd but the configuration plays VERY NIIICE (Borat voice) with the AA bubble in Apex. Enjoy and please leave feedback!
-Apex Legends PS4 ST
-1000hz mouse polling
-500hz Xim polling
-Default Sync for HIP & ADS
-No Curves
-HIP: Sens = 25; Smoothing = 0; Y/X = 1.0; Steady Aim = 8.6; 0 Boost
-ADS: Sens = 15; Smoothing = 0; Y/X = 1.20 (recoil management); Steady Aim = 7.5; 0 boost

In Game Settings: 7/7 Sens; Classic Response Curve; Small Look Deadzone; Small Movement Deadzone

There is no SAB value to display since I am using an analog stick from the PS NAV.
The reason for the high steady aim values is that this game allows a very high amount of aiming vector quantization (not sure if due to the games deadzone shape or the ST itself) HOWEVER, this does not come at the cost of diminished fine aim sensitivity (as aforementioned the game allows for a large amount of quantization without stuttering) so donít let those steady aim values deter you from what MAY become your favorite setup. At this time I have not tested with my DeathAdder Elite. I will do so and let you guys know! Enjoy and leave feedback!

-PS donít forget to adjust sensitivity to your liking. I am a wrist aimer with a small mousepad
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Re: Apex Legends Laser Setup
« Reply #1 on: 06:33 AM - 08/15/19 »
This setup is extremely jittery I think steady aim values are way too high. I can't use this in an actual game to be honest

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Re: Apex Legends Laser Setup
« Reply #2 on: 10:08 AM - 08/15/19 »
Post your stats