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« on: 04:17 PM - 08/12/19 »
Hello i just got my new xim apex and i am currently trying to set it up and everything with my key binds and mouse settings but my keyboard and mouse arent registering with the xim. I have them all plugged into the right ports but nothing is working. Im not sure what type of keyboard i have its pretty generic but i have a logitech mouse not sure on the model tho. I even tried getting the logitech game software and my mouse isnt registering on that either idk whats up but i thought id be able to use these generic things until i can buy a better setup. can you please help me out?

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Re: Compatibility
« Reply #1 on: 05:25 PM - 08/12/19 »
Can you let us know what icons you see at the top of Manager and whether you are seeing buttons pressed on your keyboard and mouse displayed in Manager's main screen?
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Re: Compatibility
« Reply #2 on: 02:38 AM - 08/13/19 »
And turn your mouse over. The name and/or model number should be on the bottom.

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