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X/Y Ratio Recoil Control  (Read 3349 times)

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Re: X/Y Ratio Recoil Control
« Reply #15 on: 03:17 AM - 08/15/19 »
There are Con's to this, which is why I stopped doing it.

It works great for games that your sensitivity doesn't change much from HIP to ADS. Games like BF5 that you can pretty much use the same sensitivity for both.

The problem is alot of games, especially COD games have a pretty significant sensitivity shift when using the ADS translator compared to the Hip translator.

Why is this a problem? Because you pretty much want your Y/X ratio sub to match your ADS settings but with a different Y/X ratio. So... because of the difference's between HIP and ADS, when you try to Fire in HIP it will throw your sensitivity off and makes Hip fire difficult.

The work around is using a different fire button for Hip then Ads. But that in it self is a bit of a learning curve problem and not really ideal.

Because I like to keep my setups consistent, I chose to avoid the work around.

Read this to late... I just came across these problems. Everything back to the beginning.
I feel like most games I wonít use this but for siege I think Iíll stick to it, still deciding weather or not I want to use it for Apex legends