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[Q/A] Need Help With XIM4 Manager and New Phone  (Read 94 times)

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[Q/A] Need Help With XIM4 Manager and New Phone
« on: 07:46 AM - 07/31/19 »
Hello there. Recently I got a new iPhone XR and I couldn't carry over the data from my old phone. This means that all of my configs on my old phone for my XIM4 are now gone. I was wondering, if I connect my new phone to my XIM4, will it reset all of the settings I already have on my XIM4? An example would be that right now I can still play Overwatch on my Xbox with the settings that I had on my old phone, but if I were to connect my XIM4 to a new device, would it delete or remove the old settings? Thanks so much!
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Re: Need Help With XIM4 Manager and New Phone
« Reply #1 on: 09:10 AM - 07/31/19 »
Welcome to the community. I have some good news for you. Configs are stored on XIM4 and not on the phone itself. Manager is just a tool that configures your XIM settings on the fly. XIM4 can be paired with up to eight other bluetooth devices so yes, you can use Manager with your new phone and continue to have it paired with another phone or tablet without an issue.
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