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Pink Xim's Apex Legends Config [07/23/2019]  (Read 1367 times)

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Pink Xim's Apex Legends Config [07/23/2019]
« on: 08:02 PM - 07/23/19 »
Hey Friends!

I haven't posted a full config here ever but I've been around for quite some time. My main game since it came out, I've put far too many hours into this game. I have seen a lot of configurations using common sync, my configuration uses the default sync. This config has no curve. I have 3 auxiliary profiles set up, 2 for the selection wheels, 1 for long range scopes that tries to bring out smoother micro movements.
I'm a very high sens player and there's a good chance y'all will want to lower the sensitivities. You've been warned! :)

Code for my entire configuration:
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Pink Xim Apex] START COPY >>>

I have provided links to screenshots showing visually my configuration as I could not resize once I uploaded. I am using XIM Manager Version 5.00.20190601

Xbox One X, Corsair K70 RGB keyboard, Logitech G603 mouse, monitor/desk setup.

Mouse settings: 1,000 Hz polling rate, 12K DPI.

In Game Settings:

Despite trying others' settings I have stuck with these in game settings, I believe sticking with the in game settings that the ST was trained on has benefits.

Hip: 26

I use a small amount of boost and it seems to serve multiple purposes: it cuts through the AA bubble when hip firing, it alleviates some of the "floatiness" that I perceived when making initial changes in direction (i.e. left to right, up to down), it also seems to help if you don't use a turn assist button to scroll down when looting a full deathbox.

ADS: 17

For ADS it's a pretty standard configuration with a small amount of boost for some of the same reasons it exists in my Hip page. Of course others may find slight changes to smoothing and steady aim work better for their hardware.
I utilize this ADS configuration for about 90% of my ADS use. It is set up with a bias towards close-medium range combat, I typically run an AR/SMG/Pistol setup in ranked so this makes sense. I don't usually run anything higher than a 3x scope, and usually not more than the 2x bruiser. For the 2/4x Acog and up I typically use my Sniper Scopes ADS profile.  (see below)

Heal Wheel:

I have this page setup to deal with the annoying wheels in this game. This works flawlessly, there is no moment where it selects a heal I don't intend to mark. I have my heal button bound to 3, so this is set to 3 as well. All that is needed if you have a different binding for your heal button is to change the activation button of this profile to your heal wheel button.

Grenade Wheel:

Like the heal wheel this works flawlessly, don't forget to change your activation button to reflect your grenade binding.

Sniper ADS:

This ADS profile is something I have just added over the last few days. It is still a work in progress, unlike the rest of the config which is pretty much concrete at the moment.
I utilize this profile when scoping in with a sniper provided I am using a high power scope (2/4 ACOG, 3x, 4/8, 4/10). As you will see, it may need some tweaking.
This ADS profile was the only way I could begin using snipers in ranked, I typically have my friend run a sniper as he is more confident in his shot taking abilities with a sniper than I am, and truthfully I know that I am much better medium range and in for the good of the team.
This profile required me to set a secondary binding for LT (ADS button), like the wheels I just made my activation button the same as the secondary ADS binding. This enables a "one-click ADS" function and you don't need to worry about deactivating it or getting killed by someone jumping up on you as you're scoped in.

Anywho... Please leave your feedback! This post was made in hopes that I can help someone find a better experience with Apex Legends and the Xim Apex, but if you take it and make it your own I'd love to hear what you change so I can give it a shot too!!
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