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PS4 question. Basic macro (ffxiv)  (Read 177 times)

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PS4 question. Basic macro (ffxiv)
« on: 12:58 AM - 07/11/19 »
Ok so i recently purchased a G502 rgb mouse to make my macro work for FFXIV on ps4. All my keybinds work etc. But when i try the macro its a no go. I used a corsair KB on PC and got everything working but my PC is old and wont run the new expansion. Would Xim work w/ the mouse for a basic macro? Basically 1 (wait 15 seconds) 2 (15 sec) 0 0 (repeat x Forever) Im a crafter and this would save me infinite time pressing 2 buttons and waiting lol. Trying to find out if this is the right product before i buy it. Ive searched everywhere for an answer short of buying a new PC. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: PS4 question. Basic macro (ffxiv)
« Reply #1 on: 04:31 PM - 07/11/19 »
Logitech macros are non-repeating when the mouse isn't connected to Logitech Gaming Software.

Take a look at the XIM Link forum to learn how to pass m/kb from PC to XIM Apex, which should allow your mouse macro to work.

Alternately, Titan One and Titan Two are both compatible with XIM Apex and add macroability to your setup with the need to connect a PC. Learn more at www.consoletuner.com.

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