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Can We Get a Straight Answer on When the XIM2 Will Be Shipped  (Read 7704 times)

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ugh.....XIM needs to go back underground! All this @#$% started when the crop of new people showed up.

I say you refund their money and ban them from the site...never will they get their hands on XIM 2!

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You are allowed to ask, no one is stopping you. Implied tone is the issue, apparently. You say you want a straight answer as if we are trying to deceive people. We are not. We just need to post more updates is all. It's really just that simple.

It won't be too hard to create a new thread (or even use the announcment forum), locked and stickied, and instead of posting in threads (that get lost/hard to find) just keep everything there. Even a weekly update would be sufficient. e.g. Every Monday give a "Status Report." So when people ask, others can kindly post a link to the most recent "Status Report."

From the perspective of people stumbling upon Xim360, we don't know who is who all the time. And there have been a couple posters who have PRETENDED to have info or have insider access, and don't, which makes it more confusing. And seeing as you guys are replying in random threads there is no easy spot for anyone to chase down what is going on. For those who paid $80ish bucks for a Xim2 and seeing all of this I could imagine it would be frustrating. Likewise I am sure you are frustrated with the delays as well as the pestering of your customers. Of course that is the nature of business and in this case I think a little organization would soothe most of your customers... the few irritatants, well, are probably the kids who scream in XBL!

Good luck and keep up the good work. We look forward to updates. Heck, the HOMEPAGE would be a perfect place for them :P

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Me.... I'm just sitting back here in the corner and waiting quietly. I understand the process involved with getting a new product to market, and my respect goes out to these guys. It's rare that everything will just fall in to place. There's going to be setbacks and delays. That's normal.

I appreciate your time and effort.

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You are allowed to ask, no one is stopping you. Implied tone is the issue, apparently. You say you want a straight answer as if we are trying to deceive people. We are not. We just need to post more updates is all. It's really just that simple.

What tone did i take i thought i was quite polite in the way i asked where my money was and when you are dealing with money i have a a RIGHT to ask where MY money is no matter what you say.

Ok, last time... and I hope this sinks in this time. NO ONE on the dev team is saying you can't ask. Some of us may come off as annoyed based on the insane amount of time and effort we are sacrificing here, but we never said "stop asking, you cannot ask, never ask". Asking someone for a "straight answer" though, implies that you were deceived in the past or mislead. This never happened, so other people are getting defensive. As far as tone, I take everything as a nice tone in writing on the internet unless someone explicitly calls out an emotion or directly implies something I don't like. This keeps me in a good mood and ignorantly blissful for the most part. So, if you say you meant it to be a nice, then by all means it was nothing but nice, but it was obviously misunderstood by many as snide. Such is the curse of internet forums.  :P

The fact that this thread cropped up in the first place lets us know that some don't understand fully what we are doing, AND THAT'S OKAY! As I've clearly stated before, you have all made an investment in the product and have a right to know whats going on. Some just need more assurance at shorter intervals than others... AND AGAIN, ITS OKAY! ;D

Don't laugh, this is a fast and dirty road map off the top of my head. I most likely left stuff out but here it is anyway.

Mock Setup
Design Software
Design board
Review board
Find Fab
Order components
Send of designs
Fab produces boards
Proto Board
Manually assemble beta boards
Beta Testing
HW Revisions
SW Revisions
Email Fabs 9 million times
Gather Pre-orders
Order More Components
Email fabs another 2 million times
Send off designs
Ship components to china   <---------------------------(PITAx5.5)
Fab Produces boards  
Fab Assembles Boards       <---------------------------We are here (components in transit.)
Fab Elec. tests boards
Fab ships boards back
Board testing
Product Packaging
Shipping to users

So yea. I'll repeat myself once more. It's as simple as putting out more updates. End of story. Thread locked.

P.S. In the future, when asking for updates; KEEP IT SIMPLE. Use less words so there is less to confuse.  ;D  We are re-organizing the forums as I write this to include a section for updates. It's just not done yet...