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Is the xbox one (s) a waste of money?  (Read 151 times)

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Is the xbox one (s) a waste of money?
« on: 05:30 AM - 07/10/19 »
I say this as im going to get a second hand xbox one or s version to play Halo 5 and MCC on. Yeah i know they suck but im still a fan of Halo from having Reach as my first game and even though im probbaly like my dad and have no idea how to use a controller now, i still want to own every Halo game and the MCC helps out alot with the organisation of that.

I just wonder spending 140-200 on a console just for a couple of games is worth it. Ill probbaly use it about 25-35% of the time when i choose to game but ive also invested alot of money into Steam so i wont be re-buying games ive already got on that platform.

Thanks for the advice.

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Re: Is the xbox one (s) a waste of money?
« Reply #1 on: 10:15 AM - 07/10/19 »
you say you have steam so you have a pc. you can get the xbox game pass and play those games on pc. cheaper route in the end i believe. I think that the S is the worst console on the market this gen. If you can afford it i would go with the X. If the cheaper route is in your future i would say get game pass then you can play those games on pc. If you are hell bent on a xbox though then the S will allow you to play games.

Nevermind on being able to play it on both with game pass i thought it was halo but i guess its gears of war sorry. So like i said an S will play games they wont' look great or run all that well but it is playable. I would go for an X if you have the extra money. If not an S will do what you want you may just not be happy with it in the end. As i play on Pc, ps4 and xbox. Pc ruined trying to play on a reg ps4 or xbox. So i saved a little more and splurged on the pro and X. Was worth it to me in the end.
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