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New Rainbow 6 ST: How're we feeling?  (Read 241 times)

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New Rainbow 6 ST: How're we feeling?
« on: 05:30 PM - 07/06/19 »
TLDR at bottom

 Howdy, I've mostly browsed the forums and sneakily stole settings from generous xim users who have a better comprehension of the advance settings - which is probably why I still can't manage to dabble in them all too much.

  Though, after the new R6 ST that came out, as one of the many who highly anticipated the release, I was quick to delete my old ST which had felt completely fine and fluid to me. I decided to create an account and share my personal experience with the new ST.

  What I run in terms of my xim4 settings for R6, I play 7.5 HIP (5.5 ADS), at 12k dpi, 1k Polling. I also run 8500 boost on both HIP and ADS, as another user did so while applying an ingame deadzone of 25 on the right stick, which felt really fluid at the time. When I started up the new ST, I went vanilla, only applying my sensitivities without the boost and 25 deadzone (With the updated curve).

  I immediately noticed a weird sort of "wave" whilst trying to swipe, and the whole ST just felt janky. Once I threw on my boost and deadzone, the "wave" had disappeared, but there was still a sort of jitter I had, making the task of holding angles difficult.

  I read on the Apex forums that some people weren't experiencing problems, and some were. Of course, the Apex and 4 differ, and so I wanted to get some xim4 user input on how their new ST experience is playing out.

  So, after testing all of today, I took off the boost and deadzone, without any other changes and modifications [Besides HIP and ADS], and I no longer have the "wave" nor stutter that I once did. I'll chalk it up to user error, but the ST is feeling absolutely great now.

  My new settings:
Xim4 HIP 10 ADS 8 [No Boost, Steady Aim OFF 1.58 x/y ratio for ADS]
DPI 12k
Polling 1k

In Game:
Left Stk DZ: 15
Right Stk DZ: 10
Controller Curve: Updated
All sensitivities maxed
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Re: New Rainbow 6 ST: How're we feeling?
« Reply #1 on: 07:15 AM - 07/14/19 »
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