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Single-handed mech keypad Allreli T9+ back in stock...  (Read 576 times)

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...for a short time.

The keypad that I've used for several years is back in stock on Amazon UK. It's rarely available as Allreli stopped selling it over a year ago. The seller only has 10 of them though. Although it's not named in the item description, the underside image clearly shows that it's made by the Delux Technolgy Company Ltd, in China, for Allreli. It's 22 more expensive than it was when I bought it, but I guess the price reflects its rarity.

The reasons that I love this keypad so much are many:

  • Like all one-handed keypads, it takes up only a fraction of the space of my full-sized Steelseries Apex m800 keyboard, so I never hit the edge of the KB with my mouse
  • It uses Kailh Blue mechanical keys - clicky and responsive
  • It has on-board memory so my customised lighting works when connected to my console via the XIM
  • It has per-key lighting so that I can assign the correct colours to the keys that I use for Triangle, Circle, Square and X
  • The thumb key sits perfectly under my thumb without me having to reach for it
  • The palm rest is the right size for my hand, needing no adjustment. Not only is it the same shape as my palm, I don't have to twist my hand in the slightest for it to fit. I game on it for hours without any discomfort
  • It's light enough that I can adjust its position on my cloth pad effortlessly, but heavy enough that it doesn't move at all when my movements get a bit frantic
  • All the keys are programmable, even with macros. I don't use them, but it's nice to have the option
  • The keycaps are compatible with Cherry's. I have swapped out the WASD keys for yellow, rubber, textured replacements

The only downsides are that the thumb button is not mechanical, so feels softer than the other keys and that the software is in very small font and is not easy to see. But these are both minor issues.

Unless you are a controller player, or more specifically, want to move using an analogue thumbstick (in which case get a Sony Nav or an Azeron) buy one (and get a BT KB for typing on your console and leave your full-sized keyboard tucked out of the way whilst connected to your PC). You won't regret it.

Any questions, just ask.

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