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Unity Project: Interstate: Reborn  (Read 973 times)

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Unity Project: Interstate: Reborn
« on: 09:00 PM - 06/12/19 »
I finally gave up on video games.... Playing them! lol. One day i woke up and said, why do i play video games, when i can create one????

Well let me introduce you to my first game; Interstate Reborn.

Interstate Reborn will be a FPS racing game where you have to fight your way to the finish line threw almost impossible terrains and stunt pieces!

Interstate started as a vehicular combat video game developed and published by Activision exclusively for Microsoft Windows.

Then in 2004 a mod was released for battlefield 1942 called Interstate 82. Interstate 82 was the about the same game as the one made by Activision, but with a twist. This mod featured maps with almost impossible puzzle made maps that required you to go threw loops and other stunt pieces to reach the end of the map. Interstate Reborn with almost be the same exact platform as the mod for battlefield 1942. Just type in Interstate 82 bf1942 in YouTube. The reason behind this project is to let people play this game as it was intended. Battlefield 1942 had such a weak engine as it is from the early 2000ís. My goal is to make every dynamic feature in unity to make the player have the best experience to my knowledge.

So one morning i woke up and downloaded unity and all i can say, i had no *^%^&%^ idea what i was doing for almost a week.. Just siting here lowing and raising terrain and painting textures. After about 3 weeks in i actually had some great progress in coding and mapping skills.

Here is some videos so far!

This is the original mod to the game!

If you can please back me on kickstarter to help me make a decent PC to make this game!


Thanks for reading! have a nice day :)