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[ACTIVE] Xim apex not staying on  (Read 51 times)

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[ACTIVE] Xim apex not staying on
« on: 05:45 PM - 06/12/19 »
I got my xim about a month or two ago and tried using it but it wouldnt work so i got a new connector for my ps4 controller that was recommended and its still unable to work ive followed instuctions and tried all kinds of things to get it to work ive tried turning the glowing of my razor mouth and keyboard and it stoll powers off tem mintues after use amd when i try using it afterwards it only lasts for 3 seconds and the controller is still at full battery is there any recommendations before i send it in for a new one?
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Re: Xim apex not staying on
« Reply #1 on: 05:53 PM - 06/12/19 »

does it work if you only have the mouse and the controller connected to the xim but no keyboard?
Also if you have a usb hub with an external power supply then please try that to add more electricity, alternatively you might have an external power supply that matches the specifications of the xim hub (it has a hole at the back for the power supply).

Also if the disconnect is pretty much every 10 minutes then please check if your controller is connected to port 3 of the xim hub (and if you are on the playstation and you have the new controller model that the playstation system settings are set to wired/usb in the device options).
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