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[Q/A] Xim4 Is Not Working In Game  (Read 51 times)

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[Q/A] Xim4 Is Not Working In Game
« on: 12:27 PM - 06/11/19 »
Ive used xim4 on ps4 for a while now. I have switched to pc and have tried to setup my xim 4 but its not working in game. The pc detects my xim4 and i updated firmware and factory reset. Nothing seems to be working. I used a scuf controller and very good usb plugins. I need help.
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Re: Xim4 Is Not Working In Game
« Reply #1 on: 04:40 PM - 06/11/19 »
Welcome to the community. XIM does not support PC as a gaming platform but some players have been able to use XIM in their PC game by using a Microsoft wireless Xbox One controller with their XIM. Third party controllers are not supported.
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