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chompa's RAGE 2 Temp .CFG [XIM4]  (Read 460 times)

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chompa's RAGE 2 Temp .CFG [XIM4]
« on: 06:33 PM - 05/23/19 »
soooo call me crazy buuut... the overwatch st (shocked.gif) felt the best of all the the diff ones i tried... as in, the ones i had loaded without clearing space to try diff translators aint got time fa'dat lol anyway dev ST coming soon

Rage 2 feels great imo! it has some pretty strong aim assist, but has a fairly high sensitivity. Max turn-speed takes a sec to rev up, gotta turn kinda slow at first but it quickly speeds up; methinks there's prolly some weird acceleration going on, huh? LIKE, after breaking through the acceleration and reaching the maximum turn speed, it will stay "rev'ed up" like that for a moment - even if you briefly stop all mouse movement - and when you move the mouse again (quickly) it will have retained the sensitivity granted moments before, right after popping through the acceleration barrier, until you slow your roll for precision shots, then the whole thing resets.   ...anyone else notice something similar?

i really know very little regarding the creation of a game's ST, but i think that weird lil property in the aim acceleration *may* cause some difficulty for dev-team-XIM (who i can't help but imagine as scientists working around the clock in white lab coats tucked beneath bio-hazard suits performing their very important work inside a clean room [accessible exclusively via retinal scan] complete with flasks, beakers, bunsen burners and several high-end microscopes used for precise curve creation, analysis, and fine tuning), buuut ultimately i don't think the boys'll have any real issues making a... ximtastic? (went there. sincere apologies) translator with a near perfect 1:1 feel. But it's important to remember there's an equally good chance I don't know @#$% I'm talking about. Like, at all. 

Moving on! so... ya. overwatch st is totally playable for me, but i'm also using a custom curve which deff seems to help a great deal:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

G502: i changed controls on my g502 so that the "G-Shift" button is now the "Back" button. The old back button is rebound to "Enter" (used to execute the... berzerker? overdrive? ugh. it triggers your ultimate). Forward remains forward. Page up & Page down for the two buttons inset on the left side of Mouse 1 (that may be their default setting anyway). Left & Right arrow keys are bound to Left & Right scroll wheel buttons. rockin 4000dpi @ 500hz

Sensitivity is maxed out within the in-game settings.

Weapon Wheel: hold Q to activate "weapon wheel" auxiliary which swaps analog sticks enabling weapon selection via mouse movement. Alternatively, holding Mouse3 will also bring up the weapon wheel, but allows you to select weapons via WASD. Both work fine especially since the game pauses during weapon select.

ADS: it has an auxiliary but it's not exceedingly necessary unless you'd like less boost and a slightly lower sensitivity whilsssst aiming down sights.

Sprint: Back button on mouse (which is bound to the "sniper" or "G-Shift" button rather than it's traditional placement) is sprint, which triggers its own auxiliary allowing for faster turn speeds while the button is held down. It has a more drastic curve, 2000 boost, and 8 sensitivity.

Vehicle: Left Alt triggers the Vehicle auxiliary on a toggle; accelerate with 'w,' reverse with 's,' fire with Mouse 1, weapon select with mwheeldown or Q, Emergency Brake works both with LShift or Back, boost with Forward, honk with PageUp on mouse or with E. Space for Slide/Ram/Blast(hold). R will exit vehicle and disable the Vehicle auxiliary. Mouse2 will also accelerate.

NOTE: I'm using "Alternative #1" control scheme for Land Vehicles.

HIP: Space doth jump, LShift doth crouch, Scroll down or PgDn will cycle through your throwables and PgUp will throw your throwable. Scroll up (or 3) for heals, E for melee, Back for sprint, R is reload, Q (and mouse3) for alternate weapon wheel modes. Left & Right on mousewheel is DPad Left & Right, respectively (alternatively you can use F [dpad-left] and G [dpad-right]). Capslock for walk.

Left CTRL is a fun lil somethin if you double tap it in fairly quick succession, you'll continually slide-stand-sprint with quick bursts of speed and can actually move quite quickly this way. But it's just a goof really and becomes entirely unnecessary once you've achieved an increase to your base sprint speed. but anyway it's fun to screw around with, especially in the early stages of the game.

thinkin i prolly won't need an auxiliary for air vehicles. there may be a few kinks i still need to work out but i think it's in good enough shape to share. if i make any big tweaks i'll re-post

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Rage 2] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

kay! that is all! hope it helps someone!

EDIT: forgot to mention that z (look left), x (look down), c (look right), & v (look up) are used to great effect for right analog stick control. i've traditionally used "t" for right-stick up, but have recently changed it to "v" because it made a lot of sense to do so, but i'm still getting used to it and am not 100% certain that i'll ultimately stick with that adjustment. "t" just feels more natural than "v"...

anyway, if you don't already have keys bound for, at the very least, looking left & right, i highly recommend doing so. i've been doing it forever and i can't overstate how beneficial it is to develop the muscle memory for quickly and efficiently using your keyboard for looking left or right at max velocity, largely unhindered by the flashing red light of the dreaded turn speed cap. Running outta mousepad? Chill brah! Supplement the physical limitations of a mousepad by slapping one of them quick-look keys instead of enduring the frozen perspective that results from the occasional necessity of lifting and re-centering your mouse on it's pad. Right hand busy petting your cat because cats are superior to dogs and everyone knows it? Continue your leisurely stroll through the wasteland by avoiding certain death with quick taps of "z" or "c," making whatever minor adjustments necessary to go AROUND that darkened pit of doom containing nothing but the frustrations of yet another load screen! Enemy footsteps approaching with haste from the rear? ensure the fastest possible turning velocity using your quicklook keys to flip on and then (using your mouse to make the finer adjustments necessary to line up your shot) murder your would-be aggressor!

There aren't many instances or games where looking up/down via quicklook keys is majorly beneficial, but I've definitely found uses for them. swiftly looking down with "x" to rocket jump with phara, or bio-nading your feet as ana, or, as ashe, unloading two barrels of buckshot into the asphalt in order to escape any exploding mechs or twirling neon-dragons... even looking straight up with "v" just before leaping when playing as winston in desperate need of a reload is consistently quicker than using your mouse to perform the same task.

I've also found these "quicklook" keys to be exceedingly helpful when navigating deathboxes in Apex Legends; using WASD as your cursor and X & V to scroll vertically (and at maximum velocity no less) through the deathbox. I know you can make an auxiliary to navigate the deathboxes with your mouse instead, but I've found those methods to be cumbersome and slow by comparison.

the benefits of becoming accustomed to these keys has near universal benefit. i've found them helpful in pretty much every game i've played. navigating menus, maps, even the rotation of models has become second nature; and i'm able to do it all using only my keyboard, leaving my right hand free to pet my better-than-a-dog cat.


got most the kinks worked out and have been using this for awhile now with the official ST. "use/reload" is now also bound to sprint key because it doesn't seem to hurt; nice to have a +use function also bound to mouse. vehicle tweaked a bit too; right click is boost, lshift is emergency brake, w accelerates and s is reverse. 

*overdrive and ability boosters can only be activated while holding sprint key and pressing f (dpad left) and g (dpad right). i kept popping these by accident but this help to reduce unwanted activations

*the focus ability has its own auxiliary. while holding forward (focus), you can activate the push ability with right click; the vortex ability via mouse1, the barrier ability is page up; slam with space; and overdrive with mouse3. i considered making mouse3 activate overdrive by it's lonesome, but i ran out of auxiliaries and i really like to keep my secondaries bound to 1 and 2 bound for L1 and R1 for menu navigation. i compromised by having overdrive activate with mouse3 if sprint was also held.     

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Rage 2] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

4000dpi 500hz

video of config in action:
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Re: chompa's RAGE 2 Temp .CFG [XIM4]
« Reply #1 on: 01:17 PM - 05/24/19 »
You're right the overwatch smart translator works better
Than the doom ST I used before. Thanks for sharing.  :)
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