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Are there any new test videos of XIM360 vs XIM1 i should be aware of?  (Read 879 times)

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I would love to see the comparison videos out there to amp me up once again for the release of the xim360.  I remember there being a thread posted a while back that was going to host these videos but im unsure what happened to it.  If anybody knows where to find some of these comparison videos it would be a huge help.  Thank you everybody for dealing with my obsessive antics towards what may be the best thing that hits the xbox360 since halo 3.

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There's hundreds of videos, but the whole board got together and decided you alone shouldn't have access to them. Sorta like a huge april fools thing, except it's not april.

Or perhaps you should just be patient and watch the video thread for updates.

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There is one video of OBsIV using XIM360 on Halo. It's on the Video thread as Juncti suggested, but you can search XIM2 on youtube as well.
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