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How To Drive Vehicles Without A Left Analogue Stick  (Read 188 times)

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I am very new to the XIM APEX and have spent many hours watching tutorials and reading this community to try and help as i find it really quite complicated to set up. However i now have it working quite well for Fortnite and Apex and am really impressed with it and i am in the process of setting it up on a few other games. However my main issue is being unable to drive vehicles with the keyboard and mouse combo. Certain vehicles in certain games just don't want to turn left or right unless i use the left analogue stick on my Xbox One controller.
I am assuming i am missing something here or am i always going to have to use my controller for that ? I have seen posts about using the PS3 Controller Stick and i do have one of those, but i was hoping to just be able to drive vehicles with my keyboard and mouse.
I would be very much appreciate any help from you guys out there.