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Sennheiser HD 800s paired with a dac amp for FPS gaming  (Read 80 times)

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As the title suggests, I want your thoughts about an audiophile end game dac amp combo specifically for FPS gaming and ocationally for vocal music. I already own Sennheiser HD 660s paired with mayflower arc mk2 and I am determined in buying HD 800s as I have heard from numerous sources that it is an end game headphones for gaming. For the dac amp combo, I have a few suggestions based on some reading. I would like your opinions on these as well.
1) Monolith by monoprice aaaTHX 788
2) RME ADI 2 Pro
3) 1 and 2 combo
4) Massdrop 789 aaa paired with RME ADI 2 Pro
Also, I want this combo to be useful for live streaming as well with mic inputs or having the abilities to plug mic mixers in it. Your contribution is highly appreciated. Thank you.