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Battlefield 5 aim assist (XIM 4 user)  (Read 200 times)

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Battlefield 5 aim assist (XIM 4 user)
« on: 10:36 AM - 04/16/19 »
Hello everyone. A not so recent patch introduced percentage for soldier aim assist . The default value is 100%. Aim Assist seems much stronger since the patch. Previously, I have played with aim assist ON for all FPS games.With the current BF 5 build (PS4), I tried 100%, 50% and 30%. I seem to be doing better with Aim Assist OFF in Firestorm, where you mostly ADS. In Team Deathmatch I find that AIM assist helps to stay on target while HIP firing with SMGs. I was wondering what you guys use. Do you keep the new percentage based aim assist on or off ? Or do you decrease the aim assist percentage value?
My mouse is Razer Deathadder Chroma (10000 DPI) 1000hz polling. Razer Monticor pad.
My XIM 4 sensitivity is 20 for HIP and 10 for ADS. Thanks everyone