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Need new people to play with  (Read 251 times)

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Need new people to play with
« on: 04:09 PM - 04/29/19 »
I am looking for people to play games with I am on both consoles. On pacific time zone N/A,  but I have a flexible schedule for playing. 2 games I enjoy the most Siege and Pubg. Donít really have stats to throw out I was plat on siege before Xim since I got it I havenít really played a lot of anything as I play on pc and both consoles. Pubg I think I have a high kill of 15 or 16. I am a little older then most gamers now days as I am almost 40. I am very laid back and easy going not a try hard at all(donít even really play bomb). I like to win but sweaty isnít my name

I have access to a good amount of games but siege and Pubg seem to be the only games in current rotation, willing to play other games too just tired of playing by myself. Either send me a message here or psn. If psn say you are from Xim

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