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Should we turn on Uniform Soldier Aiming in BFV  (Read 514 times)

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Should we turn on Uniform Soldier Aiming in BFV
« on: 01:17 PM - 03/27/19 »
I havenít played this game in a while and quite like the Battle Royale so I think Iím going to start trying to perfect my settings.

I know the Xim page says to turn it off but a lot of players seem to have it on.

Iím not really sure what it does but it says it helps with muscle memory soooo, ehh lol.

Iím also planning to turn off aim assist, as a wrist player, I feel like it messes me up too much, felt the same in black ops and even played better with it off on Fortnite.
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Re: Should we turn on Uniform Soldier Aiming in BFV
« Reply #1 on: 09:06 AM - 12/19/19 »
Think of ads aim in 2d space. So what USA does is make it  so you travel the same distance with your mouse as on your screen. Some ppl missunderstand and think it makes sensitivity the same and thats wrong. That would be more in 3d space.

So if you wish to test in game you need to put a dot at your starting point, then another dot to the desired destination. Aim with a 1x from point a to pooint B and measure the distance in centimeters both on your screen and the distance your mouse travels. Write the numbers down. Now you do the same with a 3x, the numbers should match.

I have been playing bfv for the last months and i can honestly say that USA helps with muscle memory BUT it doesent work well with the XIM you get a lot better micro aim with it being disabled. Shame realy its one of the best settings out there for aiming, i wish the xim was trained with it being enabled!!

If you still wanna play with it ON use HIP only and disable ads. Ingame sens at 100% not 200%! Goodluck!

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Re: Should we turn on Uniform Soldier Aiming in BFV
« Reply #2 on: 09:42 AM - 12/19/19 »
If you enable USA, set it to 178% and use the hip translator for ADS.