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My Xim Apex Legends Settings  (Read 910 times)

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My Xim Apex Legends Settings
« on: 09:28 AM - 03/26/19 »
Good morning everyone,

Here is a list of my settings that I have been using for Apex Legends for the past couple of weeks. Its a little quick but with time I really got used to it and I find myself really enjoying the settings. I got really used to fast settings in BO4, so I created something that sort of mirrored that in Apex Legends.


Mouse: Corsair Sabre RGB, 6000 dpi, 100Hz
Keyboard: Ducky

In Game Settings:

FOV: 94
Sensitivity: 7
Sensitivity (ADS): 7
Response Curve: Classic
Look Deadzone: Small
Movement Deadzone: Small

Xim Apex Settings:

Hip: 24.00
Synchronize: Common
Smoothing: 3
X/Y ratio: 1.00

ADS: 14.50
Synchronize: Common
Smoothing: 3
X/Y Ratio: 1.00

No Ballistic curve or steady aim

Here is some of the button layout that I prefer. Of course, If you have a better layout that you are comfortable with stick to that. This is just my preference.

Melee: Middle mouse wheel in
Ping: E
Tactical Ability: Q
Change weapons: Back (Button on the left side of the mouse)
Health Kit: 1
Extra Ability: 2
Equip Grenade: 3
Fire Mode: 4
Game menu: '
Map: Tab
Guide: Esc
Share: Windows key

On a side note if you have any recommendations for a quick yet effective apex legends setup, please feel free to share. I am always looking to fine tune my settings even when I think it is the best it can be.

PSN: Srsutter

Eddie Hieftje
PSN: Stsutter