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[ACTIVE] Xim suddenly stop working

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I am having an issue with my xim. It was working normally and all is fine... I unplugged the usb from my PlayStation 4 and after that I ploged the usb to Ps4 and the light is not working on the usb.. I have try to ploged it to my pc to see if the light will work. Sadly itís not working as well... please please help me guys

Welcome to the community. If you plugged your hub into your PC and verified it isn't working, do you have access to another hub you can use to make sure it's only the hub that's the issue? The XIM Hub is just a normal USB 2.0 hub so you can swap it out to do this test.

Thanks for your reply,,  the problem is the usb is not working as itís  not lightening..  I have use my maous and keyboard and the are working on the laptop. However, the sub xim is not working on the laptop or on the PS4. I tried to press the bottom and put it in the laptop to see if it work. But still not working

You tried the hub on your PC and it's not working? Is that what you mean? Meaning, you plugged your mouse and keyboard into your hub and plugged your hub into your PC and your mouse and keyboard didn't work?

The mouse and keyboard are working . The usb hub for xim is not working and it not lighting or anything


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