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[ACTIVE] Xim Apex - Controller + Keyboard not being powered



When connecting my Xim and all it's peripherals my controller is not being powered and neither is my Keyboard. My mouse is being powered but none of the 3 are showing in the Xim App.

Controller (Standard Xbox Wireless controller)
Keyboard (Logitech G110)
Mouse (Logitech G903)

When plugging the Xim in The controller Vibrates once but fails to display any flashing or solid lights.
The keyboard doesn't turn on.
The Mouse is being powered but isn't being recognised in the Xim app (neither is Keyboard or controller)

- I've tested all the peripherals individually and they all work fine.
- I've tried all peripherals in Port 123 and get exactly the same results
- I've tried testing them one at a time in each different port (same result)
- I've tried a hard reset on the Xbox
- I've downloaded the latest Firmware for the Xim Apex
-  Start up lights on the Xim adaptor are fine, and holding its Solid red colour
- the Adaptor with port 123 seems fine as well, it has a solid white light displaying as it should.

Things to note:

I've had the Xim Apex since release, having previously owned the Xim4. I was using a different Logitech Mouse before, however I Switched when the G903 came out (Long time ago now), I've had no issues at all up until yesterday, when it seemingly has just stopped working for no apparent reason.

Thanks for your Time.

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing these details. Is the G903 connected using a cable or a receiver in wireless mode?

Because you're having trouble with your keyboard and controller we can check if there is an issue with the three port hub. Could you please connect only the three port hub to a PC then test your mouse or keyboard in each port of the hub and share the results? Once we can establish the hub is working correctly we can continue troubleshooting the issue with APEX.


Apologies for the delay. The mouse is always connected via a cable, I've done as you asked and can confirm that the 3 port hub is working correctly.

Thanks for confirming the hub is working on a PC. Could you please connect your peripherals directly to APEX next and share whether they power on and if their device icon appears at the top of Manager? Please be sure to fully insert APEX into the console port and use different console ports if necessary.


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