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Optimising settings for mouse sensor/DPI queries.  (Read 349 times)

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Hi All,

First post here so I hope to god it's in the right section, apologies if not.

So, I'm a long time lurker, not a total XIM noob, just trying to up my knowledge and partake in the community a bit more.

I'm using a XIM4 on my Xbox One (OG) and have been doing so for about a year, mostly on PUBG using varying profiles over that time. I used it briefly on BF4 but found I preferred using a controller for that game.

Having gotten into Apex Legends a lot recently, I'm noticing more and more the importance of optimising my set-up, last week I followed advice/tutorial I found on this site regarding polling rate and DPI and spent a good chunk of time setting this up until I saw a new curve from TonyVenom for Apex Legends. This does feel better for me but I'm finding that I'm getting nowhere near the numbers others are quoting which got me thinking, maybe my hardware is a problem.

I am running a Nostromo N52 (no problems) and a Redragon Perdition M901 gaming mouse. This is listed as compatible but has a ~ next to it on the list which states that the DPI is artificially boosted and should be run in "True Hardware Maximum".

This sent me off on a bit of googling to establish what that is, which I'm finding difficult to pin down. My results suggest it has an "AVAGO" sensor but not the specific model, using The non mmo option (the M601) I would imagine it is an A5050 sensor but I'm unable to find nothing more in terms of it's true DPI maximum other than a Reddit post which suggests its native DPI is 500.

Can anyone confirm that?

Presuming that to be the case, Should I be running this in 500 DPI and 500Hz (this is where I get the most consistent reporting based on software in the tutorial video) and pumping up my sensitivities in the manager?

I see a lot of guys are suggesting 12k DPI or whatever but evidently, my mouse can only achieve this with the use of software acceleration and I am most definitely noticing a lack of consistent precise aiming from my mouse. I'm hoping a bit of guidance can help me fine tune the settings as in general I really like the mouse (particularly the additional buttons that I can map to) but I'm beginning to think I may have to find a higher spec higher priced mmo mouse. Doing a search for the mouse on here turns up some posts but nothing in the specifics of set up other than someone who pointed out it's compatibility suggesting 8200k but that would seem to be beyond it's true maximum.

Appreciate any help or feedback you can provide. Thanks

EDIT: Just to add, My firmware is 20160405, I don't believe that's up to date but it seems to me that the next one up is to add ONE S support so I didn't think there was much need to change it, plus I'm also worried I brick this excellent piece of kit. Naturally I realise then that the ballistics curve i mentioned was mapped for a user on an SA3(?) Firmware which I believe is more advanced BETA firmware so I may never achieve what they have, I'm really just hoping to better understand how conflicting my Mouse DPI might be with the XIM

EDIT 2: I've tried to delete this and EDIT it into a totally different question, neither have worked, I guess MODS you can just delete this OR leave it as a lesson to me and anyone else who comes across this about search function.

This thread (https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=33318.msg430269) answered my question if I'd bothered to note that the search function took me to a specific post and I should've scrolled up to see someone has kindly noted the exact specs of my mouse.

That said, can anyone suggest whether I need to be updating my firmware?
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