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Halo 5 request  (Read 225 times)

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Halo 5 request
« on: 05:25 AM - 03/02/19 »
I am having major issues with the sensitivity in halo 5 using the apex. I have set it to 1k polling on both my Logitech g600 and the app. I followed the instructions and set look sensitivity to max. Acell to 1. Dead zone inner to 12 and out to 0.

However no matter how I set the sensitivity it always triggers max turn limits and I am unable to aim with anywhere near the speed of the joystick on the controller.

Does anyone have any settings they can suggest and including ballistic curves?

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Re: Halo 5 request
« Reply #1 on: 09:15 AM - 03/02/19 »
This is normal. Halo 5 has a lower maximum turn speed than most other games. Hitting the max turn speed is normal. The fix is to slow your mouse down when turning so that you don't waste movement beyond the maximum. You can't flick your mouse. You can think of it as "riding the limit".
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