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Logitech G13 users: are you stocking up on a backup or two?  (Read 189 times)

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It's a real bummer that Logitech discontinued making the G13. I've been using my G13 for a couple of years, love it, and just have that one. New ones are running for $250+ on ebay and I don't want to pay that. Clean, lightly used ones seem to be going for around $100, which I could live with for backup purposes.

Are you guys with perfectly working G13s investing in a backup G13 or two?

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Have 2 ... one that I had been playing with for years until I bought an Azeron, and another brand new one that I bought a while ago when I saw it on Amazon going really cheap.
I much prefer the Azeron over the G13  :)

Edit: just checked my old post from 2017 ... they were going for 47.99 on Amazon.co.uk WOW!

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Yeah get the Azeron.
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