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Best mouse / Controller / setup for XIM4 on PS4 mainly COD  (Read 353 times)

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Hello all, new on the forum.

I have been using a Razor Naga Chrome, god knows how much i paid for it but last night is decided to leave the stage.. Junk now!!

I also use a frag chuck for left hand.

I am picking up a G502 today and look forward to trying it out.

will this mouse blow my mind after using the Naga chrome for 4 years?

Probs looking at:

DPI (12000)
A low sens that ill have to adjust as i go (same for both Hip and ADS)
No curve

I also always do an X/Y of 0.85 which i find beast, takes a while to get used to it but it improved my aim by 10 fold...

Does the boost actually help? couldnt work it out on the old mouse..
what about Hz why and does it help??

Any great suggestions would be nice.



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I have been using the G502 for a few years, but recently I purchased the G203 Prodigy... I actually prefer the G203 now because it's lighter in weight, I never realized how heavy the G502 felt until I got the G203 =)

The G502 is great though, I will still be using it for certain games. The buttons are better on the G502.
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