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Is it possible to have a collective minds strike pack on the DS for that  (Read 2724 times)

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Less recoil?  Does anybody know if the xim and pack work with each other?

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I have the xbox one version and the controller works normally with the xim apex.

If you want to use strike pack mods you would have to plug the xim in BEFORE the strikepack i.e.

controller > xim > strikepack > console

Haven't tried this to confirm, and you would need a female USB A to female micro USB to connect the xim to the strike pack.

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It seems a potential power delivery issue. You might require a Powered USB hub, so strike-pack and controller runs with enough energy to XIM.

But, even if it work... I don't think can go well with XIM Apex.

XIM Apex doesn't have nice chemistry with any anti-recoil script. Most are intended for a controller (like the one in the strike-pack) not for a mouse adapter. I only know 2 recoil compensation algorithms that work pretty well on XIM APEX/XIM4 with Titan Two.

Watch Od1n video on: Reduce Recoil, if you are looking for vertical AR it can be done only with XIM.