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Why youíre not hitting your Fortnite flicks and how to fix.  (Read 140 times)

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Reason - Aim assist.

Fix - Turn aim assist off......

Yup, easy as that.

Itís not the games sensitivity cap thatís stopping you from being able to flick well, itís aim assist.

Why do you think itís so easy to flick onto those blue circles whilst farming?

I guess Iíve practiced it because for some reason I like trying to flick onto them really fast. Iíve been getting really frustrated with aim assist and shotguns lately, I decided I may aswell try turning the aim assist off.

Guess what........ It worked. Simple as that, it only makes sense itís going to also improve my aim even more now Iím pretty much practicing on moving ďblue circlesĒ now lol.

The only issue is the frame rate, I think t will be better on PS4 pro / Xbox 1 X, Iím on the regular PS4 and right now my wifi is sitting at a 40-50 ping so that doesnít help.

Only problem Iíve noticed with no aim assist is upclose battles with ARís and SMGís, this may be due to me playing on 500hz so Iím going to try 1000hz tomorrow ( later on today ).

I play on a really high sensitivity right now, common sync, 13.66 hip with a very aggressive curve which was to combat aim assist but also increased the sensitivity ALOT.

Feel like some Xim players are relying on aim assist a little to much and should try playing without it, it honestly does seem more accurate and consistent even though I know my settings arenít completely right yet.

If you guys have any questions, Iíll be happy to explain myself a little more, feel like Iím waffling now lol.
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