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[ACTIVE] Having to reconfigure everything every time I play.  (Read 58 times)

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So everytime I turn my xbox off when I start it up the apex wont connect to the app on my phone.. it's really getting frustrating especially being a streamer I got enough stuff to piss around with before I start streaming. This becoming a nuisance I wouldn't care if I didn't have people counting on me to watch me but I do any assistance I can get for this? I have tried all the basic stuff disconnect reconnect everything starting with controller etc still happens everytime I start the xbox up.
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Re: Having to reconfigure everything every time I play.
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This usually happens when Manager is not closed or APEX is left on. If you're having trouble connecting to Manager at the start of each session it usually helps to unplug APEX at the end of each session and force close Manager. The next time APEX is powered on there shouldn't be an issue connecting to Manager. If you continue to have issues I recommend unpairing other bluetooth devices, Bluetooth LE devices like a smartwatch may be interfering with APEX connecting to your phone.
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