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[Q/A] XIM Apex Plugged in, Software Not Recognizing  (Read 45 times)

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I have my XIM APEX plugged in to my computer and Bluetooth is on. But, it says "Communication size failure" when I press the button and click "Connect." Any ideas?

EDIT: Now, sometimes it says "Failure writing XIM APEX 6" when I try.
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Re: XIM Apex Plugged in, Software Not Recognizing
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Welcome to the community. Unfortunately APEX does not support wireless config using a PC. Wired config mode must be used instead.

To use wired config mode attach XIM to the PC without holding a button. When the startup lights begin to flash immediately press and release the XIM button, the light sequence will be interrupted and you should then be able to open and use Manager in wired mode.
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