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[Apex Legends] - How To: Setup your XIM for Dial Menus - Visual Guide  (Read 54573 times)

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1. Enable Expert Configuration

2. Create a new Config for Apex Legends
The official ST is not release yet. We are going to use Titan Fall 2 for this example. You can do this with any other Config ST.

3. Mapping.
Customize your buttons ( Actions Section )

We are going to use the default mapping as an example.
Use your own keys to map actions following the next instructions.

Save Changes.

Dial Selection Methods Explained

METHOD 1. Analog Stick

Uses Analog stick to select options on the dial menu.
TIP: Make sure the sub-config activation button allows you to keep your thumb on the stick.

METHOD 2. Mouse + Turn Assist

Select options on the dial menu by moving the mouse when the Turn Assist button is held down.

You can use a key or mouse button. Every single movement you made while holding down the Turn Assist button, is equally to a full joystick movement on that direction. Makes easier to select with the mouse.
TIP: Make sure the sub-config activation button allows you hold both: Turn Assist button and the Activation Sub-config key.


Select options on the dial menu by using WASD keys.
TIP: Make sure the sub-config activation button allows you to press WASD keys freely. Mouse buttons are recommended.

Creating a Ping Sub-Config


How it Works?.
Hold key G, to enter to the PING Sub-Config, in-game you will see the Ping Dial.
While holding down the key G  you can select by:
  • a) Moving Analog Stick, or
  • b) Moving the Mouse (AND holding Turn Assist button) or
  • c) Pressing the WASD keys

Creating a Health/Armor Sub-Config


Creating a Ordnance Sub-Config


Creating a Inventory Sub-Config with Mouse Cursor
Swipe to the Right for a New Sub-Config Page.
Check the box to Enabled. Rename as: Inventory.

NOTICE: This subconfig works TOGGLE Behavior, this means you don't need to hold the activation key. In this case when you press the Inventory button XIM manager enters to Inventory Subconfig Automatically.

Is highly recommended to have a SECONDARY KEY BIND for Options/Menu to access game settings.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>


XIM4 Quick Guide

Setting a New Sub-Config

Setting your Method for a Sub-Config
(Ping, Health/Armor, Grenades)

Inventory Sub-Config with Mouse Cursor

Code: [Select]

VIDEO TUTORIAL by Od1n -Click Here-
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Thank you!
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Great guide, thanks for all the time and knowledge invested @alanmcgregor!

I also remap my mouse buttons to A and X (left and right mouse) makes if (for me at least) more intuitive.

Is there a limit on the number of auxillary pages ? I can't make more than 4, maybe it is the beta formware I am using ?

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  • No reason this can't be fun, eh?
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Incredible guide. Answered all my questions and many I didnít know to ask. Thank you.

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Close setup on inventory sub-config. I think you should check on the "smooth aim transition".

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As always, you are the real mvp alan, very informative post, no doubt this'll be helpful. Appreciated.

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Well. Real happy I spent an hour and 20 minutes trying to create the mouse inventory one perfectly, only to come here and see I wasnít quite perfect and hadnít even began to ponder the complexities of the other ones lol.

You can achieve ĎSprint by Defaultí by binding the Left Stick Button (ps4/xb1) to W (or whatever your forward movement key is) very simple, nothing in comparison to this mans expertise but I was proud of myself!

Also, anyone else experiment with the FOV option in game? 70 feels like Iím using a google cardboard on a sh**** space war simulation youtube video. currently testing out 96-100 FOV and Iím liking the results thus far, donít try 110 (max) instacancer
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Thanks for the guide. Safed me a lot of time understanding the mechanics.

Advanced Tipps:
Delay (inventory config) should be at least 150 ms. If i am sprinting and i open the inventory (at 100 ms), the cursor goes to the top (instead of beeing in the middle). Its important So u can drop thinks quickly during sprinting.

U can also use the basics of the inventory config for looting. Just bind the reload Button to a secondary button on your keyboard (for example t). For the new looting config you can use this for activation. So u can reload without activate the sub config. After a few games it should be in the muscel memory (reload =R, looting = T).

For the problem only to have max. 4 sub configs....u dont have to Do one for the granates. U can switch them by just Pressing the binded Button.
Only 3 Different granates, not necessary creating a sub config for this. Use the space for looting for example.

Would be nice to have more space in the future with a new Firmware.

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Bind mouse wheel up and down to your right stck for inventory cursor auxiliary. This allows you to scroll if you use in use inventory cursor auxiliary like Alan posted earlier. And for more PC like feel bind mouse click left and right to pick up and select items.
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@#$% Itís amazing man thank you for time

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Bind mouse wheel up and down to your right stck for inventory cursor auxiliary. This allows you to scroll if you use in use inventory cursor auxiliary like Alan posted earlier.
good point 👍

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Thanks for this very cool guide..

I'm am looking for Apex Legends buddies
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Awesome guide, thanks for the effort!

Question: Aren't most folks using the PUGB ST vs. T2?

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i think we should pin this, i mean it works for other games as well with minimnal adjustments!
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