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trying to setup xim 3 help please  (Read 864 times)

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trying to setup xim 3 help please
« on: 03:24 AM - 02/07/19 »
okay im trying to setup xim3 to xbox 360 my brother used to use it and i have all the stuff he had it setup with... first i cant find a wired controller and if i remember correctly he didnt use one ?

when i plug the controller into the xim it comes up with a ? is there a way i can fix this as i am almost 100% positive that im using the exact same gear that he was using when he used to use it.

secondly i have a logitec attack 3 joy stick am i able to use this like a nav man through the xim 3? when i plug that it in dosnt register as a known peripheral either, but the mouse is the only thing that it comes up with an icon for.

any help here would be great i have been reading the helpme's and the only thing i can put it down to atm is the fact i dont have a 360 propper wired cable but i am certain this is the rig my brother was using when he used to use this.
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Re: trying to setup xim 3 help please
« Reply #1 on: 11:42 AM - 12/14/19 »
Hello: Dont know if you resolved your problem but because the XIM is an un powered hub
the quality and length of the usb cord can affect connectivity