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« on: 02:34 PM - 02/01/19 »
Anyone have any good ways to play anthem for Xbox one?  Like if there’s a good game to use till the real thing is made for it? And does anyone have any issues with the game like I tried useing destiny 2 file and maxing out the sense and it felt like I was looking at 480p am I the only one who had that issue?

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« Reply #1 on: 09:28 AM - 02/04/19 »
I know this is too late for now as its closed - but might help when it comes out whilst an ST is trained.

I used Destiny 2 ST and it worked a treat - however the motion blur setting made it look terrible and made me feel sick.

Once off in the video settings, t worked amazingly well. Such a high turn speed on it, I'm really excited for full release and the ST.