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New K95 keyboard won't work  (Read 260 times)

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New K95 keyboard won't work
« on: 10:29 PM - 01/28/19 »
So I've had the Xim4 and now the Apex. Been using a Logitech G502 and a Logitech wireless keyboard (K800 I believe). Decided to upgrade to a gaming keyboard so I went out and bought the K95.  So I just plugged it in and hoped it would work but I guess that's not the case. The Corsair and Logitech logos are showing at the top of the app, lights all come, when I move the mouse the lights blink on the apex but keyboard....not so much. I guess my question is do I have to delete all my configs and start over or am I just missing an easy fix. Firmware is good, restarted PS4, unplugged Apex, etc. Can someone please help this noob  :D


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Re: New K95 keyboard won't work
« Reply #1 on: 03:58 AM - 01/29/19 »
You will need to plug the secondary USB Into a separate USB charging port, or USB hub, you may need to set the keyboard to Bios on the keyboard itself. The switch is located on the keyboard. Try that and see if it helps

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Re: New K95 keyboard won't work
« Reply #2 on: 09:47 AM - 01/29/19 »
Corsair keyboards can be tricky to use when away from a PC. Usually bios mode is all that is needed but there are other factors that could prevent K keyboards from working with a device that isn't a PC. Here is a full troubleshoot list, the bios mode suggestion is included.

A good place to start is to verify the keyboard is working with a PC. If it's working on PC then the issue can be solved using one of the Corsair K troubleshoot steps below.

- Verify you're using the latest firmware for the latest hardware support: http://xim.tech/latest
- If keyboard includes two cables verify you're using the data cable and not the power cable. If you're unsure try using the second cable with XIM instead.
- Try swapping the mouse and keyboard cable positions at your XIM.
- Look for a switch near where the cable is attached to the keyboard. Set the switch to bios mode.
- If the keyboard does not have this switch hold Windows Lock + F1 for 5 seconds.
- If the keyboard includes two cables attach the keyboard cable to XIM and the secondary cable to a power source that is not XIM like the console or a USB charger.
- Adding a power adapter may help. APEX supports power adapters using the spec below and can be found on amazon or ebay. *Do not attach a power adapter that does not use this spec to prevent damage to your peripherals.*

5V 3A power adapter  ([3.5mm x 1.35mm], center-positive)
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Re: New K95 keyboard won't work
« Reply #3 on: 07:56 PM - 02/01/19 »
BIOS is the savior. <3 Mist   ;D ;D
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