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@Happycampercavalry re. overwatch  (Read 286 times)

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@Happycampercavalry re. overwatch
« on: 04:01 AM - 01/25/19 »
sorry i really tryed to find his tag to pm him but yer...
this can be for any one who knows about it to chime in.
but really wanted to talk to HCC bout it but i cant for the life of me find his bloody tag in the forum >_>,
its either im retarded or this smokes getting to me.. either way... bit of both..

ok i wanted to know about your transition to pc OW as ive bitten the bullet, and decided to get on PC as i can run min specs and if it aint enough well then im just ganna have to rob the local gfx card shop (joke)

i saw in a post by you the other day, that you had halfed your SR in the transitions i belive this could be to the stupid MMR and SR systems they have in place, but would i be right in assuming the slower movements of the apex has messed with your Muscles? because i notice how much my play style has changed conforming to the thumb sticks play style.

and im running a GTX570 on OW do you have any thing to say about that ?
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