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R4MAP Combatinility  (Read 147 times)

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R4MAP Combatinility
« on: 09:30 PM - 01/20/19 »
I havenít used this program in forever as it was sub par in terms of translating movement but simply got it because it was around 10 dollars I believe. If you donít know what it is, itís a program that works through remote play that lets you use mouse and keyboard or other peripherals on the ps4. Of course, through remote play there is input lag and etc so for this it isnít optimal. However , there is an update it seems that allows scripts and doesnít require one To have a controller plugged into your pc. My question is would it be possible to use this program solely to run scripts while using my xim apex for my mouse and keyboard. I am simply wondering about the possibility of this combination and am unable to try it out as Iím not home.