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Saitek Cyborg Command Unit (CCU) working with xim devices  (Read 769 times)

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This is a guide to modifying your CCU as a keypad for xim devices
The CCU will NOT work with xim devices without modification as the mode switch is held as constant high.

Notes before I get into the details
>Tested with xim4
>My original post related to this device was poorly written, disregard it/
>This will not break your CCU if you want to use it with your computer

#Step One:
Disassemble the main portion of your CCU
>Be careful of the rubber dome sheets they are fragile and a pain to set right if moved
#Step Two:
Unscrew the mode switch daughter board from the plastic assembly
#Step Three:
Unsolder or snip the connections of two of the three wires of keys 22-24
>Do not remove the black or BUS wire from the device
>Be sure to leave the wire for the color of light you want because you cant easily change it later
>the 24 pin in my unit correnponds with red.
#Step Four:
Snake the wires under the bracket the daugheter board sits on
#Step Five:
Reassemble device

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Re: Saitek Cyborg Command Unit (CCU) working with xim devices
« Reply #1 on: 12:44 AM - 01/11/19 »
Thanks for sharing this!
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