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Xim App without connection to the APP  (Read 210 times)

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Xim App without connection to the APP
« on: 07:34 AM - 01/11/19 »
Hi guys,

isnt it possible to use the XIM app and change settings without connecting it to the xim?

you know it would be nice if i can make some configs or copy some configs, without being connected.

for example, we all know it, we're about to buy a new game in a few days, checking some config in the web and than the day comes we finally got the game and lost the config we found a few days ago.

even if it isnt perfect in the beginning, we still have some config saved, without using google for hours.

thats just a little improvement proposal, because i just had that case.

keep it up with the good work and have a nice weekend

ps: i hope it was understandable, english isnt my native language

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Re: Xim App without connection to the APP
« Reply #1 on: 02:15 PM - 01/17/19 »
Configs are stored on xim, not in the app. You can't.