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Nothing working on ps4 pro(MKB or xb controller)  (Read 176 times)

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Nothing working on ps4 pro(MKB or xb controller)
« on: 02:38 PM - 01/10/19 »
Ive updated to the firmware (and android app) and the xim works with MKB on my xbox one x just fine.  Right now im trying to play The Last of Us with an xb1 controller, ive tried 3 controllers and 1 was an elite. 

I also tries using mouse and keyboard and im using the same exact cables as i did on my x1x but its not working.  If i touch the ps4 controller which gets turned on by the xim that works but MKB or the xb1 controller don't

Im using the cross console config profile for ps4 and when I push a button on the xbox controller the xim4 manager app shows it being pressed but its not sending it along to the ps4.... i also made absolutely sure that every usb cable was a data cable by plugging a phone into a pc with it.  For MKB i used the basic last of us profile and again all the same hardware that works fine with my xbox

I have no idea what i could be doing wrong here, ive searched and not found my answer.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Nothing working on ps4 pro(MKB or xb controller)
« Reply #1 on: 05:08 PM - 01/10/19 »
Is the console communication method set to USB instead of bluetooth? This is required if the controller supports it.

Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method

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