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PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired not working  (Read 115 times)

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PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired not working
« on: 08:32 PM - 01/08/19 »
Ok so I just wanted a mouse with side button so I bought a cheap gaming mouse off amazon. So everything is working perfect fine with this offbrand mouse, even the side buttons are working like a charm. I am playing warframe and the mouse will not fire my weapons. I left click and nothing happens at all. If I change the binding for left click to anything else it will fire once but will not fire anymore. Anyone ever have a problem like this ?

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Re: PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired not working
« Reply #1 on: 09:52 PM - 01/08/19 »
The worst thing you can do for gaming is buy a cheap knock-off mouse. Return that sucker and buy a Logitech G102 or G203 at the very least.

G102/G203 is a cheap mouse, but is exceptionally good with arguably the best sensor on the market under the hood.

Button registration issues aside, you should notice a night and day difference in the tracking between a generic Chinese junker and a brand-name gaming mouse.

I'm rather fond of this proverb - buy cheap, buy twice. Don't scrimp on a mouse when a good sensor is the most important weapon in your arsenal.

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