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Configuration Pictures  (Read 108363 times)

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Re: Configuration Pictures
« Reply #285 on: 07:44 PM - 01/06/13 »
Hi Editor D, i too have a fx nunchuck but my xim edge does not detect it. can you please explain what your process was to get the nunchuck to be recognised...thanks heaps in advance.

ps at the moment i am using the left side of the controller in its place. sorry cant help with the tank thing :-(

Sorry I never responded to this. I actually just saw your response.
I actually use the Sony Nav wired now. I sold the Frag FX.

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Re: Configuration Pictures
« Reply #286 on: 11:33 AM - 01/17/13 »
BF3 setup - I mostly play BF3 so this is tailored to it with B(use) in a location to where I can still move and X having a secondary binding so I can pick up a weapon in scavenger.  Profile by zombieguy for vehicles.  Scroll wheel on nostromo is only good for that, because I just cant get my finger used to flicking it in stressed situations.

I use basically the same functions no matter what game I play so I don't get confused. COD switches up some bindings to get tactical grenades in there.  Menus can get tricky but I'd rather fail in the menu than the game.

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Re: Configuration Pictures
« Reply #287 on: 05:53 PM - 03/07/13 »
As I"m right handed, I prefer to use  mouse  ie config LHB=fire/ RHB= ads/ mmb =change weapon. if  I"m driving a TANK I use the cursor to "aim" turret/or gun.( same with  soldier) ps this is with a basic mouse. *with keyboard ie move ASWD etc. * until I get a better mouse. ;D

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Re: Configuration Pictures
« Reply #288 on: 06:44 PM - 07/15/13 »
Esc = Start
F1 = Guide
Tab = Back
Shift = Left thumb in, sprint
Y = Y, weapon swap
T = left bumper, tactical nade
G = right bumper, nade
B = B, crouch, prone
E = right stick in, knife
R = X, reload
X = X, plant, defuse, carepackage
WASD = Walk
Space = A, Jump
Arrow up = Dpad up
Arrow down = Dpad down
Arrow left = Dpad left
Arrow right = Dpad right

Mouse left click = right trigger, shoot
Mouse right click = left stick in,auto hold breath, ADS
Mouse wheel  = shoot

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