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Please recommend Keyboard/Mouse for PS4 Slim and 9.8 feet USB 3.0 extension  (Read 209 times)

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Compact keyboard with mouse for FPS games, not hardcore gamer but would like something which is good enough

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Logitech G Pro is a great TKL keyboard at an affordable price. It also doesn't cause power drain issues, unlike expensive Razer and Corsair keyboards, which is a strong consideration considering the 10ft USB run from XIM to your console.

You may need to add a power adapter to the XIM Apex USB hub regardless, search the forums for specifications.

As for mouse, head to www.rocketjumpninja.com, check the Top 40 and choose the one you like the most within your budget. Logitech is again a strong choice, Steelseries are good if you want on-mouse macros. Stay away from Razer again due to power drain.

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