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Experience so far (with feature suggestions)  (Read 269 times)

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Experience so far (with feature suggestions)
« on: 12:55 PM - 01/01/19 »

I bought a xim apex device about a month ago, used with like 8-10 games so far (for short periods) and here is my experience:
  • Some games don't feel smooth. Elder Scrolls Online and PUBG namely. Both are in questionable quality even with controller so... I'm not sure it's 100% the device's fault
  • "Aim" value has to be set very high for a "mouse like" experience. I don't know if this is an issue but it looks like it is (as of scaling), I never use a value lower than 60-70
  • Smoothing doesn't seem to do much, maybe I should go to the extremes here as well? I tried up to 10, didn't see any change (yet games looked smooth sooo...)
  • The device sometimes loses connection with the keyboard for no reason; one has to unplug-replug in this case. It looks like it happens within (at most) a few minutes after the keyboard was plugged in, right after XIM was plugged in to xbox
  • Whenever I turn (with the mouse) the device flashes. There should be an option to turn this off. Very annoying. If the reason is an error, would be great to know what it is, but even in this case, as the thing works, I don't need it flashing (especially not with the high rate it follows right now) on every move

Features I'm keen to see

  • Being able to add button combinations, not just buttons.
Some games use button combos for different actions, either as a "push together" action, or a "press and hold one of the buttons and push another one", so to speak.
E.g. in Neverwinter: LB + A goes for jumping. Holding down LB and pressing "+" control's directions does one action or another, e.g. LB & 'left' opens the inventory, LB & 'up' opens map, etc
Would be great if I could map these on keyboard like LB + A == SPACE, LB & up == "M", etc. It might also should be a feature on XIM to do not send these keys out together, but with some slight delay, i.e. simulate that one press & hold the (e.g.) LB button, then pushes (e.g.) "A", then releases both.
  • "No visual feedback" setting for game setups, i.e. not just led colors, but also being able to set to turn leds off completely

Thanks for reading this.

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Re: Experience so far (with feature suggestions)
« Reply #1 on: 01:26 PM - 01/01/19 »
Hi raditz, thanks for your feedback. You are right, some games we just can't do much with due to their poor aiming systems. This is especially true if it already feels bad on a controller. We mark these games with a "U" in our game compatibility list. We support them since they are popular, but, warn that the developer added unpredictable behavior to their aiming system. I still don't know after all this time why some game developers have such a hard time coming up with a good system for aiming. It really isn't that hard. Thankfully most games aren't like this.

What's the DPI of your mouse? If the game you are playing has a lower turn speed and/or you have a lower DPI mouse, you'll need higher Sensitivity values.

Try Smoothing at a very high value -- you'll start to feel it. It's designed to smooth out lower aiming speeds (i.e. micro aiming). Smoothing is designed to not to influence higher aiming speeds.

It should never drop connection to your peripherals. What type of keyboard is it. When it happens, does your XIM do any different light sequences or do you see any change in Manager?

Flashing red? Yes, it means you are hitting the maximum turn speed of the game. It's a notification, nothing more. It's explained in our instructional videos. You can turn it off when you enable expert configuration.
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Re: Experience so far (with feature suggestions)
« Reply #2 on: 03:22 PM - 01/01/19 »
Device disconnection typically indicates that the power draw of your mouse & keyboard is too high for the console port to power the XIM, controller, m & kb. Adding a power adapter to the XIM Apex USB hub is the simplest solution. You can also try disabling the RGB lights on the kb.

Smoothing is intended to remove reticle jitter caused by the mouse sensor. No jitter, no smoothing.

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Re: Experience so far (with feature suggestions)
« Reply #3 on: 09:43 AM - 01/02/19 »
hey guys,

Thanks for the advices to both of you!
I found the max turning speed indicator. As soon as I started looking after it... well, it was right there in the middle of the screen. I missed it for the make believe this feature was not there :)

OBsIV, as of your points: I have a Roccat Kone Pure SE mouse; I bought this one as it was listed as compatible with the XIM device and I'm a "Roccat or die!" kind of person :). The DPI is on maximum as recommended in the tutorials, which is 10.000 for this mouse.
As of keys, I'm using a super-simple and super cheap "slim sun" A4Tech keyboard (I'm a coder myself, I don't like fancy or mechanical keyboards).
So the disconnection issue is definitely something else - thanks for the advice though. It doesn't happen very often so should be a tricky one, but I'll try to figure out when exactly happens.
[Last time it was when I kinda spammed Menu button (mapped to TAB) in Neverwinter to cycle through all the screen elements a few times - I missed the same item twice  :) The effect is, numlock goes blind on the keyboard, no action on any key press. Unplug, replug == numlock is back == we are on track again, the issue is gone for good. The most time I played was like... 1 hour in a row? Didn't ever see the error come again (until the next time I start the console and a game). ]

Smoothing: will try, thanks for the advice!

How about my feature "requests"? You missed that block it seems. I'm a bit jumpy here for the mapping of "combos" would be a great feature, yet I'm not sure how difficult is that to be implemented.

[OFF: As of character controller, i.e. fps camera movement, or aiming, this is one of the most difficult things to do in most game engines. In Unity it is a real challenge, for Unreal there's a built-in Pawn solution but that's not the best for complex character physics, etc, the list is endless. So it's not that easy to come up with a good solution, but indeed every game studio should take the time and release quality software, instead of the rubbish some of them push to the market.
I created and published -on steam- a video game myself, the first thing I did was creating the best character controller possible: silky smooth, easy to handle. I hate to see some games with actual budget can't do the same...]

Thanks for reading this.