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New Games like 'The Forest' or 'The Binding of Isaac'  (Read 155 times)

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Can you please make also some Singleplayer games, like 'The Forest' or 'The Binding of Isaac'? That would be great and very cool from you! I love These Games and would like to play These with Mouse and Keyboard.
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Re: New Games like 'The Forest' or 'The Binding of Isaac'
« Reply #1 on: 03:29 PM - 01/13/19 »
XIM supports first and third person shooter games. While it can be used for other genres, you won't get specific game configs for them, because they're not needed.

For Binding of Isaac, use the Console Controller Crossover config and bind your Actions to wherever you need them.

The Forest may get its own game config, but in the meantime, any config from any other game can be used. You may need to try a number of them for the game to feel right.

Alternately, XIM Manager includes a handful of Generic configs, so you can create your own for The Forest. Note that using Generic configs is considered advanced and may take quite some time to configure.

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