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xim apex issue doesn't respond  (Read 243 times)

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xim apex issue doesn't respond
« on: 03:48 AM - 12/26/18 »
so my xim is working but i have tow issue
1- when i connect the keyboard every thing is turned off it
yes i know cuz my keyboard led but i don't have a time to turn it off
2- i connect all the wires mouse keyboard controller every thing and in the app it says every thing connected
but i can't move any thing it doesn't respond plz help :(

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Re: xim apex issue doesn't respond
« Reply #1 on: 10:50 AM - 12/26/18 »
Welcome to the community. We should look at your 2nd issue first as the first is a power issue and you'll likely need a powered USB hub if you can't program your keyboard to disable the lights.

I assume you are on PlayStation 4 as it's in this section. Have you tried a different USB cable between your controller in XIM?
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