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[ACTIVE] XIM recognizes mouse and keyboard but not Xbox one controller  (Read 96 times)

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Hello, I bought my XIM apex about 6-7 months ago and itís been working great... until I took a long break from gaming to come to my xim apex not working.. it picks up my mouse and keyboard fine but it doesnít detect my Xbox controller. Iíve recently updated my firmware to the most recent version.
Iíve searched all over the forums and it seems like Iím having the same issues as ďFalasiGamerĒ. My xbone controller is plugged into port (3) keyboard to (2) mouse to (1)
I unplugged everything and only plugged my controller into the xim apex port and the controller turned on but wasnít being detected through my manager. Sometimes if I tried to do that it wouldnít even turn my controller on unless I hit the Xbox middle button. (With or without batteries in) . I would like to follow some more instructions if that does not solve the issues then it would be best to set up a return considering Iím still under the one year warranty.
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Welcome to the community and thank you for those details. We should verify the controller can authenticate with APEX using direct connection. This will tell us whether the hub is at fault or an attached peripheral is conflicting. Please run this test.

Disconnect APEX
Disconnect hub
Connect controller directly to APEX
Connect APEX to console
Watch APEX startup lights

Do you see 4x green lights during APEX's startup light sequence? For reference the startup light sequence should look similar to this:

red, green, blue
green, green, green, green
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