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Reticle jumps with minimal movement  (Read 300 times)

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Reticle jumps with minimal movement
« on: 06:37 PM - 12/18/18 »
So I've been trying to get my Razer Naga Enchroma (the older one with 12 buttons, pretty sure it's 5600DPI) working well with PUBG, and I've gotten really close, but there's just one major problem: When aiming long distances, my mouse "jumps" from spot to spot when moving the mouse as little as possible.

I would assume that the usual course of action is to lower the sensitivity, but in order to feel comfortable moving and engaging in close range fights, I have to have it turned up as high as it is. I even had to turn the aim assist option on so that my reticle can keep up with moving vehicles (which is still very difficult, it feels like I can't turn fast enough very often, I'm not sure how anyone does this).

Has anyone ever had a problem like that, where, when moving the mouse as gently as possible, the mouse moves in short little jumps only? I can't seem to smooth that out.
Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

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Re: Reticle jumps with minimal movement
« Reply #1 on: 10:22 AM - 12/19/18 »
There are a few causes for this that are exclusive to the game like the version of support you're using, in-game settings, and scopes. There are also non game related causes like your mouse sensor, DPI, and surface used.

1) Verify in-game settings are correct. Deadzone settings in particular. You can find these on the Game Settings page:


2) To verify the current version of game support used open Manager, verify the correct config is loaded, then click the center of the game picture. Hidden text will appear at the top of the game picture. The last digit of the text is the version number. In this example the text stands for Battlefield 5 - Hip - Xbox One - version 1.

Please verify your PUBG config's version number ends in .3

3) PUBG-X1 uses different deadzone sizes with each scope. Current support offers smooth movement with scopes up to 4x. Are you having this issue with scopes only and if so what zoom level is the scope?

4) PUBG support requires that you use the Type B layout in order for your ADS ST and settings to be used correctly.
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